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Seaweed lime (20 kg) granule

Seaweed lime (20 kg) granule

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Buy seaweed lime in granular form

Seaweed lime is an organic lime fertilizer in a quickly soluble and easily spreadable granule. Organic label

  • Can be used in ornamental gardens on lawns and ponds.
  • Quickly increases soil pH and improves soil structure.
  • Quickly increases the pH of the soil (= rapid deacidification)
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Stronger plant cells
  • Activates the microbial life present in the soil and in the pond
  • Better growth due to better absorption of nutritional elements -> fewer deficiency symptoms
  • Can be used in ornamental gardens, lawns and ponds
  • Approved in organic agriculture and horticulture. In accordance with Annex I of EC Regulation No. 889/2008.

Composition of seaweed lime:

Seaweed lime comes from microfossil remains of algae (=coccoliths). The lime has a porous microstructure and the seaweed lime from Fertigreen® Fossil Seaweed Lime ensures strong biological activity in the soil. Seaweed lime is rich in calcium, which ensures a crumbly soil structure. The increased pH and the airier soil structure stimulate microbial soil life, which promotes the rooting of the crop. This ensures better and efficient absorption of the nutritional elements.

How much lime to spread?

To maintain your lime level, maintenance lime of approximately 10-15 kg per 100 m² is required.

Contents: bag 20 kg and the seaweed lime has a neutralizing value of 52%.

Application period: January - May / September - December

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