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Seaweed lime (20 kg) granule

Seaweed lime (20 kg) granule

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Buy seaweed lime in granular form

Due to its gentle action and excellent solubility, DCM Fossil Seaweed Lime is the best lime for your vegetable garden. Vegetable plants, tomatoes, strawberry plants, etc.… all plants in the vegetable garden need sturdy roots with strong cell walls to optimally absorb all nutrients. Only in this way do they grow into juicy fruits and fresh crops.


Granulated seaweed lime of natural origin, for liming vegetable gardens, ornamental gardens, orchards and ponds. Seaweed lime improves the absorption of nutrients present in the soil and strengthens active soil life. In addition, it strengthens the cell walls of plants and fruits and ensures better quality. DCM seaweed lime has a gentle effect and excellent solubility for year-round use, without the risk of burning. Would you rather buy the powder form? Then click here .


Granulated lime fertilizer - calcium carbonate (Neutralizing value = 50)

Dosage: 0.8 - 1.2 kg/10 m2

Contents: bag 20 kg

Application period: January - May / September - December

This product may be used in Dutch organic agriculture

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